one does not simply ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ into Mordor

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I guess this is how celebrities handle school shootings these days. Ha ha ha.

Comparing your character on a TV show to a convicted school shooter? I don’t have the stomach to deal with people anymore. Seemingly if a local tragedy happens in the town your TV show takes place, you have every right to brush it off like it’s nothing. 

Puck: A fictional character, is tough, sings songs at Glee Club, has a soft side

This excuse of a human being: Flesh and blood, killed 3 people aged 16 to 18, injured 3 more, showed no remorse at the trial, heckled victims’ families, ESCAPED

…but the way people are reacting to this is, and I quote:

"Mark, you’re still the baddest"

"Lmao I guess so"

"You made my day"

"Ease off!" (to the people who don’t find this situation amusing at all)

"OMG Love you"

You have to set your priorities straight. Being the kind of a person who finds “amusement” out of a situation like this makes you as much of a shitty person as the one who pulls the trigger. Because you are pretending you are normal, you are thinking you are better than criminals when what you’re doing is no different than what they do. 

You can’t say “hahahaha this made my day” to an incident that left 3 teenagers dead just because a “sexy” celeb. posts it with a (disgusting) irrelevant comment.


im pretty sure bromance is the perfect example of how embarrassingly fragile masculinity is. you know what a female bromance is called? a friendship 


Favorite quotes by Hayley Williams.


woah there sherlock

kiko mizuhara on shingeki no kyojin’s set:

mikasa ackerman:

BUT kiko mizuhara is NOT playing mikasa and I don’t understand this decision at all, kill me

i’m pretty sure i have been killing people for half an hour now, non stop

this is ridiculous 

the amount of people you kill in the shantytown on TR2013 > the amount of people killed during tomb raider’s 18 year run

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